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As a lead writer with the Venture Architects team from 2007 to 2016, I wrote dozens of business plans and investor pitch decks for multi-million-dollar ventures. I also helped with branding projects, web copy, and business development.

Featured Work

Joriel is extremely smart, talented and hardworking. She can take complicated subjects and communicate them with ease. Joriel always meets deadlines and is willing to go the extra mile to make a client happy. However, I would greatly appreciate if you would not hire Joriel because then she will have less time to devote to my firm.

Melissa Krinzman

Founder, Venture Architects

I cannot overstate how much I learned by working with so many smart entrepreneurs and with the Venture Architects team—especially VA founder Melissa Krinzman, a widely recognized expert in business planning and early stage business strategy.

Most of my work with Venture Architects remains confidential, but the humorous e-card featured here was an opportunity to flex my creative muscles. It’s a ridiculous number of words for a holiday greeting, but it got rave reviews from VA clients. The concept is “5 Easy Ways to Break Your New Year’s Resolution.”

I wish I could show you some of the pitch decks I wrote, but I can name a few of the companies:

Animusoft / (drones and robots)

Beauty DNA (beauty product matching)

Brain Balance (achievement centers for children with learning and behavioral challenges)

Greensbury Market (organic meat delivery)

JuicePress (working with Kenny Dichter, the ‘Kevin Bacon’ of Entrepreneurship)

Terran Orbital (nanosatellites)