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This project demonstrates my ability to make a big impact with limited resources. Demand for Don Baker’s counseling services has skyrocketed. His online courses are gaining ground, and his Adult ADHD Spectrum Self-Test has been taken over 15,000 times.

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Don Baker, MA, LMHC has worked with ADHD and adults for more than 16 years. He wanted to expand his counseling practice to include online classes and resources, with a long-term goal of establishing a low-touch, recurring revenue business. He came to me with a charismatic personality, tons of knowledge, and a keen perspective on what a good web experience looks like—but no idea how to create it.


I developed the the UnpackingADHD name and brand platform with both SEO and brand personality in mind. Don’s primary target is professional adults, particularly in the tech industry. UnpackingADHD is about dropping the baggage associated with the ADHD label in order to gain strength-based strategies and navigate life more skillfully.

I designed the site and wrote or heavily edited all the e-books, classes, and other resources based on Don’s ideas. I’ve also guided Don’s social media marketing strategy, email campaigns, and video development.


With dozens of keyword-optimized pages, is a first-page organic search result for almost every Seattle-specific search related to adult ADHD. We average 250 visitors a day with no promotional budget beyond the occasional $20 boost on Facebook.

On the national level, the site has driven a strong email list and gradually increased course enrollments. It’s still second-page for the holy grail of ADHD-related searches—”ADHD test”—but it’s broken through on related searches like “online ADHD test for adults.”

Perhaps the most rewarding aspect of this project is seeing Don rise as a “personality” in the ADHD community. He’s been invited to speak at conferences, conduct trainings, and participate in podcasts largely as a result of his online presence.