My Approach

I am passionate about working with great companies and committed entrepreneurs. When you have a fabulous idea or product, you don’t need flashy adjectives, empty BS, or esoteric industry-speak. You just need to connect to the people who want what you have and show them how you stand out against the competition. Sounds simple, but of course it’s not.

I believe that treating readers with respect is the key to creating genuine connections that translate into enthusiastic customers, users, and investors. I’m in the business of making my clients look fantastic by telling the truth in the most sensitive way possible. I work my butt off to understand your target audiences and make your messages personal and compelling to them.

Every project is different, but no matter what kind of writing you need, my job is to make your message sing. I do this by combining a love of language, a diversity of experience, and my own natural creativity. Whether it’s funny, educational, technical, or persuasive, my copy will tune in to your audience and deliver your story with style.

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